Best Corporation Services of 2021

The best corporation filing services allow you to file all corporation paperwork and register your business in less then 10 minutes. They support you through the process if needed and can help make sure all your paperwork is accurate and being sent to the right place.

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What is a corporation?

There are two types of corporations: C-Corporation (C Corp) and an S-Corporation (S Corp). We’ll discuss each of these in a minute, but first let’s outline the characteristics of corporations in general. Forming a corporation shields your personal assets from business liabilities as there is a complete separation between the two finances. It is allowable in all 50 states. There are international corporations as well with their own set of rules.

There are several types of corporate entities, but there are two that focus on profit. C-Corp or an S-Corp are the most common choices when setting up your business. It is important to do your homework or consult with an attorney or tax consultant in order to choose the best business formation structure for you.

Best corporation services of 2021

  1. Best corporation service overall – SwyftFilings
  2. Best corporation value offer – IncFile
  3. Best for multiple-states registered agent – Northwest Registered Agent
  4. Best for affordable legal advice and legal documents – RocketLawyer

Online business formation service providers offer a fast and cost-effective solution to forming a business. These filing services and industry experts offer all the services you would need to start and run your business, such as preparation and filing of LLCs and corporations, business licenses, legal documents, compliance, EIN, and registered agent services, all in one place for an affordable price.

With online business formation service providers, forming your business is a quick, straightforward, and smooth process. All you need to do to get started is select one of the top business formation services above which will take you to their website. Then pick the business entity you are interested in, whether it be an LLC, s-corporation, or c-corporation, and enter the state you wish to register your business in. You will then be prompted to enter your desired business name, select the type of business package you want to proceed with and you’re all set.

#1. Best corporation service: SwyftFilings

BEST FOR: Best overall corporation filing service

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Pros & Cons

Corporation filing starting at $49
Offers corporation formation in all 50 states
Recommended ‘Standard package’ – covers all the essentials to launch your business for $149
Free tax consultation
S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC and Nonprofit formation available
Extra Charges on some ala-carte items

You can register your  corporation with SwyftFIling in less than 10 minutes. The standard package includes everything you need to launch your business including: Verify Company Name Availability, Preparation of Articles of Organization, Document Filing with Secretary of State, Online Access to Your Incorporation Documents, Lifetime Customer Support (Phone & Email), Free 30 Minute Business Tax Consultation, ComplianceGuard™ Company Alerts, Free Domain Name, Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN), Custom LLC Operating Agreement, Custom LLC Banking Resolution and more.


#2. Best corporation service: Incfile

BEST FOR: Best value offer

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Pros & Cons

Corporation filing starting at $0 + state fees
Free 1st year registered agent service
Launched +500,000 businesses since 2004
S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC and Nonprofit formation available
Bank accounts or website builder are not mentioned

You can register your corporation using IncFile filing service for free (+State fees). The free package will not cover all the essentials for your business, but it includes; Preparing & Filing of the Articles of Organization, Unlimited Name Searches and FREE Registered Agent Service for a year.


#3. Northwest Registered Agent

BEST FOR: Professional registered agent service

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Pros & Cons

Incorporation and state fee costs finance option
Articles of organization included in all packages
Relatively expensive basic package

Northwest Registered Agent offers the option to cover your state fee cost when incorporating and allowing you to pay it over time. The total cost of incorporation is more expensive but the option to make monthly payments thowards incorporation and state fees cost might be attractive to some new business owners.


#4. Best corporation service: RocketLawyer

BEST FOR: Simple incorporation and legal services for all

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Pros & Cons

Corporation formation for free with the purchase of subscription
Offers Corporation formation in all 50 US states
 S-Corp, C-Corp, Nonprofit and LLC formation available
Relatively expensive filing service without the purchase of subscription

You can register your corporation or LLC with RocketLawyer for free if you purchase their subscription. I really like the fact that RocketLawyer can support my business with many simple online legal services and contract templates including employment contracts, trademarks and many more legal services. They help simplify a lot of the legal services which translate into significant savings. If you are able to manage the modification required to some standard contracts and agreements and can just consult with a lawyer on final drafts we highly recommend considering their service.


Why Incorporate?

Corporations are owned by a group on individuals who work together to generate a profit. Each owner controls a percentage of the corporation based on the number of shares they own. If you intend on growing and adding outside investors, you need to form a corporation. There is great deal of paperwork required to incorporate, but the advantages as far as taxes, protection and growth opportunities may be worth it.

We’ve mentioned some of the reasons to incorporate already, but let’s recap. All of the entities above shield you from levels of personal liability to a varying degree. LLC offers different levels of protection depending on whether you form as a partnership or corporation. Corporations offer a very high level of protection.

Corporations offer a perpetual existence and transfer of ownership. Many businesses are passed down to family members. If one of the owners dies, the corporation lives on.

Corporations have a certain level of prestige and credibility. Your customers might trust you more with an Inc or LLC after your name. Banks might more easily lend money according to your business structure as well. In addition, corporations have a clearer management structure and larger companies are obligated to report actions to a Board of Directors or shareholders which holds them more accountable for their decisions.


C-Corporation is great for businesses that sell products, have a storefront or have employees. If you ever want to go public in the future, this is the entity you should choose in order to have unlimited shareholders. Tax implications are key in choosing this entity. Businesses must pay a corporate income tax, and dividends are distributed at the individual level. Owners pay personal income tax on profits and healthcare premiums for your employees can be written off.


S-Corporations are generally designed for smaller business entities. It works very similar to an LLC in protecting your personal assets, but you are able to pay yourself a salary from the company. Owners pay personal income tax on the profits and business income and loss is passed to the owners on tax returns.

There can be no more than 100 shareholders so the entity will stay on the smaller side and have different management structure than a C-Corporation. Shareholders must also be US citizens or resident aliens.

Where should I register my corporation?

While you can file a corporation in any state you wish, bear in mind the extra fees and paperwork required when you file outside the state that you do business. You should consider picking the state where you live or have the most connection – where you own a house, where you have your driver’s license, or where you pay your state taxes. If your business is more complicated and you have offices in two states then you should consult on the right structure for your business.

Tax implication

Taxes are paid where money is made. It doesn’t matter if you file your corporation in Delaware or Texas, if you are doing business in your home state then taxes and state fees will be paid in in your home state. You also still need to pay fees in the state in which you filed your corporation as that is where you originally filed your paperwork.

If you decide that the right structure for you is LLC (Limited Liability Company) then check out our top picks for the best LLC formation services.

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