Best Trademark Agreement Templates in 2021

Trademark License Agreement allows you to give or get permission to use a trademark. There are plenty of trademark agreement template out there but reed on and learn how to get the right agreement for an affordable price and have support for your agreement.

Why do I need a trademark agreement

If you want to cover yourself legally when using a trademark or granting permission to use a trademark you will want to use a trademark agreement and make sure both parties sign it.

Common examples of trademarks

  • A name. For example “Samsung”
  • A logo. For example, the Nike logo
  • A slogan. For example, “Think Different” – (Apple)

How to get permission to use a trademark

You will need to contact the trademark owner and request a permission to use the trademark.  negotiate the terms of the agreement with the owner of the trademark as some trademark owners will charge royalties or other fees for allowing you to sue their trademark.

How to grant permission to use a trademark

If you are the owner of the trademark and you want to receive compensation for allowing others to use your trademark, we recommend you use a trademark agreement in order to do so and make sure all the terms are transparent and agreed upon.

Affordable ways to get a trademark agreement

The most affordable and efficient way I found for a trademark agreement was to use the agreement that RocketLawyer drafted.  I found it quite easy to use and it required minimal work to adjust the agreement. I also received great support from RocketLaweyr when I had a few questions and their support team was very knowledgeable and quick to respond.


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