Reviews & Scores

We are super passionate about the business formation space because we think it adds tons of value to our readers. It’s cost effective and saves you a lot of time and money when you want to start a company. After all, we also used an online formation service when we started our own company and our experience was phenomenal.

We use two types of scores on our site:

  1. Advertiser score (0-5 stars)
  2. Comparison page score (0-10 scale)

Advertiser score

We take a comprehensive and nuanced approach to all of our reviews. Our team looks at various factors to assess the quality of the LLC filing services that we review on our site. Every service receives a final star review score on a 1-5 scale that is visible on the service review page.

What do we review

We review business formation services with a focus on LLC filing services. In our review we cover the pricing, features and filing process of every product. We also review related services such as a registered agent. In our reviews we focus on ease of use, product features, pricing and support as well as checking the reputation of the brand on services such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

Ease of use

We consider the overall LLC formation experience. Users should easily find their way within the site and access all the important features they need such as the visibility of pricing and transparency of what is included in each package.

Product features

LLC formation websites often have several services on offer, such as filing, notary public, domain name registration, registered agent, and more. The variety, user-friendliness, and relevance of these features affect the final score as well.


The rates for the packages and services on offer are also important factors to consider. We review whether the rates are reasonable for the included features in each package and compare them to other providers offering the same services. We want to find affordable rates for our audience with the most reputable services.


LLC formation service providers that offer top-notch resources and responsive and knowledgeable customer support will get better review scores than those that do not offer the same kind of support.
The business formation process could be intimidating and requires an understanding of the different formation types. We review and test the availability and quality of the support service with a focus on chat support.

Comparison pages score

Aside from the product review score as seen in our review pages, we also score every product separately on our comparison pages. Our comparison pages cover multiple products (i.e. registered agent services, LLC filing services etc.), and we score every product on those pages as well.

For the comparison pages review score, we consider multiple factors including the quality of the product or service for the topic, audience engagement, advertising fee, and conversion rates. Every service receives a final review score on a 1-10 scale that is visible on the comparison pages. We update all scores from time to time.

Disclaimer: Advertising fee

As we have mentioned above, the advertising fee does impact the position different brands appear on our site. As our site is free to use for our users, we are supported by the advertising fee we receive from our partners (the brands we advertise on our site). The review process is not an exact science and gets even more complex when we need to consider the additional services that every filing service provides and score those services as a standalone product on some pages.

We work hard to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information, but keep in mind, the information changes all the time and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. We also encourage you to review multiple sources before taking a decision and to carefully review the full terms of every product. We also suggest you read our Terms of Service prior to use.